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As part of the Milestone House Program of Services, the Fostering Adulthood Jobs Network is dedicated to eliminating the many difficulties that face former foster youth as they transition out of the system, such as homelessness, poor preparation for the job market, relationship problems, and involvement with the criminal justice system. Providing jobs with real responsibilities and real growth potential can offer former foster youth a secure foundation from which a stable, independent and rewarding adult life may grow.

A Complete Suite of Support Services
Because many former foster youth have been ill-prepared for moving beyond the foster care system, there still exists a need for counseling and services geared specifically for this crucial stage in their lives. Therefore, in addition to a job, each participant in the Jobs Network will also receive:
A volunteer mentor - one trusted adult to turn to for advice and guidance
Counseling - to deal with past and current emotional and personal issues
Job coaching - how to interview, get and keep a job
On-going work place education - to learn new job skills

Through the Fostering Adulthood Jobs Network, we can change the lives of hundreds of former foster youth who are struggling alone with the transition to adulthood, and help them reach for the things they need most to succeed, and live happy, healthy and productive lives.

Who Are Former Foster Youth?

Foster youth are crime victims. They have been abused, neglected, molested or abandoned by those who failed to live up to their responsibility of caring for them, nurturing them and protecting them. And the effects of child abuse don’t end with childhood. The damage done to a child’s psyche by abuse and neglect is deep and far reaching, and continues even after children age out of the foster care system. At Fostering Adulthood, our experience with former foster youth bears out the discouraging statistics of this under-represented segment of our community.

The Former Foster Youth Profile by Age 24:
25% have been homeless
Over 50% are unemployed
Only 6% have a two or four-year college degree
80% of males have been arrested at least once
60% of males have been convicted of a crime
75% of girls have been pregnant
40-60% of girls get pregnant within 18-26 mo. of leaving foster care

Based on these startling statistics, we knew we had to do more to truly make a change. What we discovered was that the biggest roadblock to secure and independent lives for former foster youth was unemployment. Without the structure and rewards of work, they are destined to an unstable and uncertain future.

A New Social Enterprise

The Fostering Adulthood Jobs Network is a new non-profit social enterprise that creates small business operations that will focus on developing products or providing services for consumers within the community. In conjuncture with the mentoring and job coaching provided by the Jobs Network, these jobs developed exclusively by the Jobs Network will enable former foster youth to gain valuable experience in all sorts of business operations, and find their own personal niche in the working world. This initial opportunity for work will allow them to take their first steps to independence as they learn the professional and vocational skills they need to succeed now and in the future.

For former foster youth a job will:
Provide financial security
Further education
Boost self esteem
Create a sense of purpose
Provide valuable experience working
and getting along with others, being
responsible, and sticking to a schedule
Assist with childcare
Develop a career path

The Fostering Adulthood Jobs Network also seeks out internships and employment opportunities with other businesses within the local community, leaving no stone unturned in fulfilling its mission to help create a promising future for former foster youth.

The Greatest Gift

Providing a job to a former foster youth is the greatest gift we could give to ensure a stable and healthy present and promising and hopeful future. You cannot imagine what a difference your help can make in the life of a child or young adult who is trying to survive abuse and neglect the best he or she can.

Join us, and let’s begin changing lives today.
We are fully donor-supported, and your donations will go directly to funding the Fostering Adulthood website, and our mentorship and support programs, as well as the Jobs Network,

If you would like to help The Fostering Adulthood Jobs Network by becoming a mentor, a job counselor, or if your business can provide internships or other employment opportunities that you feel would be suitable for the Jobs Network, please call 760-433-6361 or email us at jobsnetwork@fosteringadulthood.org.

To become part of the Fostering Adulthood community, we invite you to visiit us at fosteringadulthood.org, the largest online community of current and former foster youth in the nation.

Together, we can truly make a difference.

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