Milestone House offers program services designed to enhance the lives of our American Indian, Alaskan Native, and Urban girls. We promote family, culture and tribal connections. We work diligently to provide each of our girls with understanding their individual treatment plan, education on historical trauma and understanding the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA).

Milestone House will follow the spirit of the ICWA to facilitate ties between our girls, extended family and the tribe, even when the tribe is not federally recognized, or the child is a descendent of a federally recognized tribe but is not eligible for membership.

As a small, independent program, we have the ability to individualize the treatment plan of each of our clients according to their specific and unique needs. Milestone House uses a program manager that is competent when engaging tribal social workers, ICWA agents and tribal advocates to support appropriate decision making to ensure ICWA collaboration.

In California, both the letter and spirit of ICWA are recognized. Milestone House also introduces the girls to local tribal Social Services, Indian Health Centers and local tribes in California. We will take each case and research the tribal specific customs, tribal leaders and governing structures. We also service ICWA cases from out of state that are in need of residential treatment. Treatment and healing will vary by individual trauma, historical trauma, medicine wheel groups, equine therapy, sweats, and cultural arts.


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