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In an effort to provide the best care and treatment possible to our girls, Milestone House offers a variety of program services designed to enhance the lives of our girls and their families. We work diligently to provide each of our girls with exactly what she and her family need in order to be successful now and in the future. Over the years we have developed and implemented a variety of program services that are available to each of our girls and their families.

As a small, independent program, we have the ability to individualize the treatment of each of our clients according to their specific and unique needs. Milestone House uses a Continuous Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance Plan to ensure that we consistently provide optimum service to our girls. A full time program manager maintains the home and staff.

Milieu Therapy

At Milestone House our girls are cared for and supervised by a round the clock staff of highly trained childcare workers. Each childcare worker is required to complete twenty-four hours of initial training and shadowing, and all staff attend monthly trainings and staff meetings. In addition to first aid and CPR training, all childcare workers are certified in crisis intervention using the Pro-Act method.

Childcare workers are trained to offer therapeutic interactions and interventions that provide counseling and education to our girls in these areas as well as many others: role modeling, maintaining structure using the program’s policies and procedures, setting appropriate boundaries, observing and following the daily schedule, and setting limits for inappropriate behavior and rewarding appropriate behavior.

As an independent living skills program, our childcare workers teach our girls how to cook, clean, and take care of their personal space and hygiene. We also attend regular independent living skills classes that cover topics such as caring for one’s health needs, job search and interviewing, and insurance.

Education is a central focus of the Milestone House program and childcare workers regularly monitor and assist our girls with their schoolwork. Five days each week a regular study hall lasting an hour and a half is scheduled. Private tutors are provided for each of our girls to ensure that they are getting the best possible direction on their path to school success.

Recreational and educational activities are an important part of our milieu therapy. Our girls participate in a wide variety of activities with a special emphasis on community based opportunities with a goal of giving them a sense of belonging to and appreciating the community in which they live and attend school. We make frequent trips to our local library, and we have a membership in our local YMCA. An effort is made to go to as many special community events as possible, such as street fairs, carnivals, and cultural festivals.

Social Work Services

Our full time program social worker is responsible for managing the case of each of our girls. She is the liaison between Milestone and the client’s county worker, court appointed special advocates, mentors, and family members. She provides regular updates to the county worker in the form of quarterly reports and maintains weekly contact via telephone. The social worker also compiles and updates The Needs and Services Plan and the Master Treatment Plan.

Client advocacy is another important service offered by our social worker, who meets regularly with each girl to determine what her needs are and to gauge her progress in the program. The social worker endeavors to find the most appropriate services for each client. In the area of education, a particular focus of the Milestone program, the social worker maintains regular contact with the school to ensure that each client’s educational goals are being met. We are expert at accessing the IEP initiation process and, if a girl needs an IEP, we make sure the best service is being offered in the least restrictive environment.

Discharge planning is begun upon intake. Every effort is made to plan at least two alternatives for the client when she leaves our program. This is especially important for girls who are leaving the foster system. No girl has ever left Milestone upon reaching the age of majority without a place to go and a solid plan in place for her future. Of course, the social worker’s efforts are especially focused upon reunification whenever possible.

The program social worker meets with each girl individually to discuss what their monthly treatment goals will be for the following month. Frequently these goals are drawn from each girl’s master treatment goals. Once the goals are selected they are transferred to the monthly treatment goal sheet for that girl and childcare workers chart that girl’s progress daily. At the end of each quarter, the social worker adds up the positive marks each girl has received and calculates the amount of treatment goal money she will earn as a reward.

Mental Health Services

At Milestone House, we work with girls who have histories of abuse, abandonment, molest and neglect. Girls who have psychiatric diagnoses, such as major depressive disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, ADHD, anxiety disorders, controlled bipolar disorder, and certain other behavioral disorders are appropriate for our program. Girls with a recent history of suicide attempt as well as girls with a history of fire setting are not appropriate for our program, nor are girls with active substance addiction.

Each week our contract psychologist sees each girl for individually and group therapy. She also is an active part of the treatment team and attends all quarterly treatment team meetings. In addition, she provides staff training. Family therapy is also available should family members want to participate.

Psychiatric services are also provided on a monthly basis. The psychiatrist primarily offers medication monitoring services.

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